Riera Roura focuses its activity on the trade, import and distribution of high quality raw materials through the main ports. We are dedicated to implementing continuous improvement processes in supply in order to satisfy the needs of our collaborators, seeking a close and strong long-term relationship.


Founded 75 years ago by the Hon. Mr. José Maria Riera Roura, thanks to his values, experience and legacy, the vocation of permanent service and the vision of a high commitment to all parties remains.


The essential activity resides in the port of Tarragona, the main agri-food port in the State and in the Mediterranean. Our infrastructure brings together the set of technical means and optimal facilities for the development of loading/unloading, stowing/unloading of ships and warehouses of cereals, oilseeds, legumes, co-products, etc.


Main activity in Mediterranean ports


We have the best prepared facilities for the sector


Storage of raw materials in optimal conditions